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In the early '00s, Counterpush was just a cover band playing small bars for beer, pizza, and the occasional courtesy clap. In 2004, they released the EP De Anima and continued to gig in the LA/OC area with huge aspirations.

As is the case with many creative endeavors, Counterpush lost it's drive and fizzled. Have we heard the last of Counterpush? Or does this band—or any of its former members—have anything left for a second verse?

Stay tuned... In the meantime, feel free to browse the archives below.


These tunes were written a while back, but are always looking to fall on new ears. Some new siblings wouldn't hurt either.


I haven't had a chance to build an actual photo gallery for this website yet, so in the meantime, feel free to browse the Counterpush photo archive on flickr.


Counterpush was formed in 2002 when founding members Velardo Dala, Henry Chavarria, Mingo, and Gabriel Brooks were simply a SoCal cover band playing in bars from Downtown Pasadena to Newport Beach.

In 2004, Velardo enlisted the help of producer Dave Carlock to record the EP De Anima, which would provide the impetus for the band to shed its set list of 90s alternative cover songs and focus on their original material.


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